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Over 1000 companies trust Brights to develop their skills for the future.

The skills gap

152 million European jobs will be disrupted before 2027

If you can see the skills gap, it is already too late. Most companies focus on what employees have done, not what they could do. Over time, new roles appear and existing roles change, and employees struggle to keep up if they don't learn enough on-the-job.
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Solving the skills gap

Brights solves your skills gaps in several ways

Our tailored, intensive training uses state-of-the-art learning research to build the skills you need right now. Continuous support from Brights can prevent future skills gaps. Our learning experts can help your company develop a world-class learning organization.
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Quality matters

Research-based methods and experience-based insights, all tailored for you

81.2% of European companies surveyed plan to invest in learning before 2027 but many of them will fail. Brights training and consulting is based on years of scientific research and experience, and delivers much more than generic video courses or mass market bootcamps. Our learning experience is designed together with you, using state-of-the-art learning science, and tailored for the future of your people and your strategy.
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Our experience

Over 1000 clients since 2015

Brights was first created to rapidly build consultant skills in emerging technologies and hard-to-find roles, as part of Akind, a group of talent companies with over 10,000 employees. And we still do that! The concept was so effective that we decided to offer it to external companies who want the same high-quality learning experience for their own employees or consultants. Since 2015 we have helped over 1000 corporate clients learn in industries from fashion to infrastructure, in roles from real estate leadership to financial programming, and in countries all across Europe. And if you ask us, we're just getting started!
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