Report unethical or illegal misconduct

Brights Sweden AB is committed to the highest standard of transparency, accountability, and integrity within our business. We are dedicated to ensuring that our company and business is characterized by these key values.

Our employees are encouraged to report any conduct which they believe to be in violation with laws, ethic principles or our internal policies to their manager or, if needed, a manager of higher rank. Others, such as clients, suppliers, business affiliates or other individuals may report this to their primary point of contact within Brights Sweden AB.

However, there may be situations where it is not possible or appropriate to report misconduct in accordance with the above procedures. It shall also be possible for the reporting individual to be completely anonymous, to lower the threshold for reporting suspected misconduct.

Brights Sweden AB has therefore implemented a procedure for reporting unethical or illegal misconduct through a web-based form which ensures confidentiality, excludes conflict of interests as far as possible, and guarantees full anonymity if desired. Reports are received and evaluated by a third party who handles any additional communication with the reporting individual and forwards the errand to an appropriate receiver within Brights Sweden AB for further investigation and actions. The reporting service is completely detached from Brights Sweden AB and meets the highest security requirements to ensure your integrity.

Should the reporting individual choose to be anonymous, the identity of the individual will be kept secret from both Brights Sweden AB and the receiving third party. Should the reporting individual prefer to report misconduct via telephone or physical meeting instead, this is also possible.

The reporting individual will not be subject to any negative consequences when filing the report, or any time thereafter.

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Report misconduct

If you choose to reveal your identity when filing a report, the personal data you provide about yourself will be processed by Brights Sweden AB and our service provider Deloitte. Your data will only be used for the purpose of investigating the errand you have reported and any communication with you during this process. All personal data you provide about yourself in the report will only be saved for as long as is necessary to fulfill this purpose.

The legal ground for processing your data is Brights Sweden AB legitimate interest to investigate the errand you have reported and to act against unethical or illegal misconduct, but could also be based on a legal obligation depending on the nature of the errand. If we disclose your information to law enforcement agencies or regulatory authorities, this will be done with your consent. For more information about our processing of your personal data as well as your rights, please read our privacy policy found here

If you have any questions about our whistleblowing report channels, you are welcome to contact us at legal@akindgroup.com. Please note that messages to this email address will not be anonymous.