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Getting ahead in the fast-changing world is all about people – more specifically our ability to adapt and evolve. That’s what learning is. And we know learning.

What we do

Unlocking brilliance through learning

The ability to learn is said to be the only sustainable competitive advantage in the rapidly changing world. Yet only a small part of companies has succeeded in making learning effective and strategic. 

Brights is a learning company dedicated to helping organizations make learning a part of their DNA. We support you in identifying needs and tackling challenges with tailor-made learning solutions.
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Why we exist

New approach to learning – an interview with our Head of Learning Development

“Both companies and their employees need to continuously develop and learn new things to be able to keep up. But, due to the rapid pace of change, what you need to learn is also constantly changing. So, it's actually a matter of understanding and adopting a new approach to skills development."

Rebecca Stenström, Head of Learning Development
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The Brights Way

We know how people learn best

After an average training, it takes only 48 hours to forget 80% of the newly acquired knowledge. That’s why we don’t do average.  

The Brights Way of Learning –  founded in 2015 and approved by over 3,000 learners – is developed to ensure that the investments made in learning are worth it. It is our manifesto that states how we approach learning, build our trainings and secure results.

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Our History

Rethinking learning since 2015

Our journey started in 2015 as the learning partner to our sister company Academic Work. Being a staffing and recruitment company, Academic Work was struggling with the growing skills gap: there were not enough IT and tech talents to meet their clients’ needs.  Academic Work Academy was founded, and it soon became known for its 12-week programs that turned career shifters into IT and tech consultants.

As the need for effective learning solutions kept growing, it was time to expand the learning business and start offering learning solutions to every company, not just the sister. With this expansion, we also got ourselves a new name and identity as Brights – with the mission to change the way individuals and organizations learn.

Now we are a group of over 40 learning specialists in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany, working together to change the way organizations and individuals learn – unlocking brilliance.

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