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Motivation has a massive impact on learning – when something sparks your interest, you are more likely to put effort and enthusiasm into it. That is why at Brights everything starts with motivation.

Sparking and enhancing motivation in adult learners starts with creating an understanding of why, what, and how to learn. When the learners can clearly picture themselves benefiting from the new skills and know that the things they learn will go to use and open new doors, it’s easier for them to both get and stay motivated – a foundation for efficient learning!

Knowing the impact motivation has on learning, all our learning solutions are designed to build and strengthen motivation, as you will see when reading further: our Backward Design approach and focus on Learning Outcomes allow us to draw a clear path towards the new skills, our processes help to reflect, our teachers and staff constantly coach and finally, our learning methods make sure learning is hands-on, collaborative, and fun.

This way we make sure the fire keeps burning throughout the learning journey.

We also advice our clients to identify and ensure motivation in all learners and use several methods and tools to support to find or enlighten the spark of motivation before learning takes place since the impact it has on the outcome is huge.

Return on Learning

The average learner forgets 80% of the newly acquired knowledge in only two days after learning it. Quite shocking, but true.

At Brights we fight these odds in everything we do. To be certain that our solutions bring value to both the learners and organizations, we focus on Return on Learning – in other words, we build learning solutions that will have a concrete effect on both individuals and organizations. We want to make sure that the time and money invested in learning is worth it.

To reach this goal, we work with Backward Design and Learning Outcomes to ensure a skills-first approach. Backward Design challenges the traditional ways of education and shifts the focus from what should be in the curriculum to what concrete skills and knowledge need to be acquired.

Backward Design starts with identifying the client’s needs and creating concrete goals called Learning Outcomes. Learning Outcomes are the backbone around which each training is built. They also provide the framework for measuring progress and securing results.

Backward Design, Learning Outcomes and the focus on Return on Learning are at the very core of how we give both individuals and organizations the best potential to grow.

Learning Embedded

Learning has no beginning nor an end. Some call this lifelong learning, but to make it more concrete, we call this approach Learning Embedded.

Learning Embedded has two levels. On the organizational level it means finding ways to make learning better integrated into working life. Because the truth is, that learning solutions in combination with work is a foundation for efficient learning! We at Brights help companies develop learning strategies and find ways to make learning happen every day, all the time in combination with re- and upskilling.

On the individual level, Learning Embedded means taking every opportunity to learn at work and beyond, embedding learning into our work through focus, learning goals and great habits.

However, the most important thing we embed to all our learning solutions is the number one skill in the changing world: learning how to learn. This is possible thanks to our carefully selected methods and the focus on reflection. That enables the learner to practice on the skill of learning while learning new things.

Approaching learning from the perspective of it being embedded, both organizations and individuals can better navigate the new competitive landscape where change is the only constant.

Learning Innovation

At Brights, Learning Innovation stands for our constant quest to innovate how, when and what we learn as well as our drive to use technology and innovation to maximize learning. Learning innovation captures how we approach change: we embrace it. The Brights Way is not meant to stay the same forever. Since 2015 it has developed based on our clients’ and learners’ needs.

Learning innovation also describes how we approach technology and evolve as we learn and from our experiences, learning analytics and data. Our Edtech solutions enable us to get the best out of the methods we use and enhance the learning experience and quality. One thing is clear, the effectiveness of EdTech depends on the quality of the methods behind it – that's why our methods and EdTech solutions can’t exist separately but accelerates when combined.


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