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Based on our foundations, we have developed unique ways of working that consist of our supportive processes for learners combined with methods proven to deliver results.

The approaches and methods collected here are greater than the sum of their parts. Our learners do not only learn the skills in question, but also develop crucial power skills like communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking – skills that empower them throughout life. By fostering the ability to communicate, collaborate and lead, our learners build up skills that will drive their growth in the industry where technology solutions are designed in cross-functional teams and guided by business goals. Learning at Brights is all about learning efficiently, learning by doing and working together with others to learn. We emphasize the importance of feedback and reflection to own your learning progress and get the best out of the learning experience. We work hard to create a space where learning can take place and all learners can focus on their growth while having fun.

Creating the space for learning

For learning to happen, we need to create the best circumstances for it. We call this the space for learning and it consists of creating a safe atmosphere as well as a clear structure to support the learners. Learning means taking chances and making mistakes. This requires a safe atmosphere without judgment or fear of failing. The atmosphere should give energy and encourage learners to take the step out of their comfort zone. Brights learning environment, whether onsite or online, is a space where learners can try, make mistakes and progress, work hard, use all their abilities and learn while having fun with other learners. This atmosphere is created jointly by the learners, teachers and Brights learning specialists dedicated to building an open, caring, engaging learning environment. We know that a clear structure and sense of direction create a great space for learning. That is why we follow a set of activities and processes that enables us, our teachers, and learners to prepare, follow up and support the learning journeys the best way with Learning Outcomes in focus. Whether designing a training week, a day or one single lesson, we always follow a clear framework. This makes sure that no matter what, where or how the learning is delivered, the same focus on the space for learning remains and learning at Brights feels the same and leads to results, no matter the context.

Methods that make a difference

Adults learn by doing, together with others and from reflection and feedback. That is why we have chosen to work with methods that make a difference!

Accelerated Learning

We have been inspired by the accelerated learning model. The model highlights the importance of activating the whole brain when engaging in learning, combining fast and focused teaching with activity. We work with short lectures followed by an instant activity. At Brights, we never get stuck in hour-long presentations – we engage our learners, which allows deep and efficient learning. By constantly mixing new concepts in theory with practice, learners can reflect what has just been presented, try it out and adapt their next steps to consolidate and learn. This way learning accelerates!

Action Learning

Action Learning is all about learning by doing. Learning at Brights is built around solving real problems, making mistakes and trying again rather than memorizing. Trying, failing, understanding what you don’t know yet, searching for more information, trying again and practicing – that’s when learning happens. Action learning is learning through the process of doing. We create tasks and projects that reflect the real world and connect it to relevant situations or innovations in the market.Action learning not only helps to learn, but it also smoothens the transition into using the newly acquired skills and develops valuable power skills.

Collaborative Learning

Collaboration between people levels the learning and offers new insights. Therefore, collaboration is a given at Brights. Our learners work in group projects, peer reviews, pair co-working as well as feedback sessions. Learning is a joint mission: when learning together, our learners not only learn from each other but also deepen their knowledge when helping others. Alongside learning new skills, working closely together offers a brilliant setting for becoming better at power skills such as communication, critical thinking and learning how to learn. Furthermore, being a part of a learning community sparks the joy of learning.

Feedback & Reflection

We know the importance of feedback and reflection for growing and learning. That is why they are an integral part of our ways of working. The methods we use – Accelerated Learning, Action Learning, and Collaborative Learning – all make space for feedback and reflection naturally in everyday activities. But knowing the importance of reflection, that is not enough. That’s why all Brights trainings have feedback and reflection built in into the structure of the training, for example through reflection tasks or having follow-up discussions. Also, all assessments are followed by feedback to support future learning and growth. When working with feedback and reflection, we are guided by the approach of Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset is a perspective on learning, highlighting that individuals who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, reflection, and input from others, learn more. We support our learners in embracing Growth Mindset and encourage them to believe in their abilities, which contributes to creating motivation and commitment.

Assessments as a driver for learning

To support our learners and ensure Return on learning, we have developed effective ways to assess progress during a learning journey. Having regular, practice-oriented checkpoints helps our learners understand the learning process as well as encourages and equips them to take ownership of their learning. If you pass a checkpoint, you are ready for the next step, if not, you get the chance to understand how to get there. Feedback and clarity boost motivation and help us at Brights to offer the right support. Just like everything else in our learning journeys, our checkpoints are also based on Learning Outcomes. This ensures that when measuring learning, we measure the right things. After finishing a learning journey and all its checkpoints, we can tell how well the Learning Outcomes were achieved. Just like Learning Outcomes, checkpoints and other assessments are tailored to meet our clients' needs and supported by feedback, reflection and follow ups.

Work-life oriented teachers

Our teachers play a significant role in sparking motivation and learning in our trainings. Our methods empower them to facilitate learning and coach our learners to be real world- and work ready! We work with an extensive Teacher Community that consists of experts with a combination of superskills and work-life knowledge. With our methods and approaches, our teachers can facilitate effective learning and make sure that when it’s time to put the new skills into use at work, our learners are ready. When joining Brights, our teachers are introduced to The Brights Way in practice, to be able to create the training, deliver materials and teach in our ways and can truly focus on coaching and engaging with the learners.


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