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The world is changing faster than ever and the need to learn has never been bigger. Rapidly shifting skills needs create a tremendous challenge for companies, individuals and society. To succeed we need to adapt, to adapt we need to change and to change we need to learn.

To meet the challenge, a revolution is needed. A shift from degrees to flexible skills development. From choosing one path in early adulthood to a lifetime of opportunities. In short: shifting focus from education to learning.

As a part of this revolution, we must rethink the ways we look at learning. Learning needs to start with motivation, put skills first, lead to clear change and be better embedded into work life.

The Brights Way is built to solve these challenges. It’s our manifesto stating our approaches to learning summarized in Brights foundation for efficient learning and Learning at Brights.

Brights foundation presents what we believe form the basis for efficient learning; Motivation, Return on Learning, Learning Embedded and Learning Innovation.

With this foundation, we created our own ways of working and chose methods that makes learning happen – all described within Learning at Brights. All our learning solutions are created based on The Brights Way. It guides everything we do and helps clarify to our clients, learners and ourselves, what it takes to make learning effective. It is the core in reaching our mission to change the way individuals and organizations learn and explains how we rethink learning and do things differently by design.

Brights foundation for effective learning

The Brights Way is our manifesto that outlines our approaches to learning. It is based on four foundations. These foundations form the basis for effective learning and have been used to create methods that make learning happen.

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Learning at Brights

Learning at Brights is all about efficient learning, learning by doing, and working together with others to learn. We emphasise the importance of feedback and reflection for our learners to get the most out of the learning experience. And we're creating a space for learning with clear structures for progress working with top-class teachers with a work-life focused approach.

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